Monday, June 18, 2012

Summary of sell photos at Dreamstime

I make money by selling pictures online from Shutterstock, Fotolia and Dreamstime respectively.

This website doesn’t have to test the pictures. If you register in this website, you can send your pictures to inspector. My first time sent 20 pictures and I pass 17 pictures. I thought that it is very easy for last 2 years. But now I sent my 10 pictures which couldn’t pass 7-8. I think that I will change my picture styles. And I got only 40% of acceptance ratio which is very low.

At Dreamstime, I have 1,196 pictures and 444 downloads for 2 years. I got money for nearly 400$. You can see from Icon below:

Generally, this payment website is same as another Micro stock photography. There are subscription types and credit types. If photographers have subscription types, they will get money between 0.30$ and 0.35$. If photographers have credit types, they will get 0.24$ for 1 credit (extra small), 2.03$ for 7 credit (medium) and 8.0$ for 23 credit (TIFF).

If you got the price from downloads by using credit types, may be not the same price that I got it. I am approximately the picture price from my experience. I used to got the highest price at around 12.67$ for 50 credit (maximum) by Print Usage (P-EL) license.

And if your accumulate money is around 200$, you can withdraw money to PayPal and then transfer to Bank in Thailand. This method is very convenient.

I summarize my first three pictures as the following:

Plumeria flowers on the beach / 8 downloads

Winding Road / 6 downloads

Watermelon Seedling / 6 downloads

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