Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summary of sell photos at 123RF

I make money by selling pictures online from Shutterstock, Fotolia, Dreamstime and 123rf respectively. I have 2,075 pictures at 123rf (See my portfolio at 123rf).

At 123rf, I have 2,067 royalty free, 7 footage and 1 editorial. I emphasize on royalty fee more than the others. I just trial to sent editorial and footage.

This website doesn’t have to test, so you can send your pictures to them. I sent my 20 pictures which the same pictures as I sent to Fotolia. My 9 pictures were pass, so I thought that this website is not easy. After that I emphasize on more quality, so I got 80% of acceptance ratio. I never got 80% acceptance ratio from another Micro stock photography before.

Stock Photos from 123RF

This website is easy to pass but my first picture can be sale after I online for 3 months. I thought I shouldn’t send my pictures again in this website. However, I got my power back and then I start to send the pictures again until I sale my flowers picture around 41.5$. I am very excited because I got CEL (Comprehensive Extended License+TIFF). After that I upload as many as pictures that I have to them.

The pictures prices depend on size that customers download. There is at less price which is 0.36$ for subscriptions license. There are many pictures sizes such as S=0.5$, M=1.0$, L=1.5$, XL=4.0$ and XXL=4.7$ respectively (the revenue also depends on tax in some countries as well)

I got less downloads which were only 350 when I compare to another Micro stock photography. But I never be discouraged; on the contrary, I think that my pictures will be work for me. When I look back to the total money, I will surprise it.

This website will pay on 15 every month. If you want to withdraw money, you have to had more than 50$ otherwise until you have 50$. After payment your money will transfer to PayPal immediately. You don’t have to fill in withdraw money document. It is very convenient.

My popular pictures are nature and flowers. This is because my portfolio has only nature and flowers pictures. It is not surprise that why my best selling are also nature and flowers pictures. Therefore, I summarize the first three of my pictures which have more downloads as the following:

Floating Market in Thailand / 15 Downloads

Black & white water lily / 9 Downloads

Pink lotus / 9 Downloads

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