Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summary of sell photos at Fotolia

Most of my income comes from Shutterstock which I told you before from previous blog. Then my second income comes from Fotolia. I have 1,499 photos in this website. I got 700 downloads (See my portfolio at Fotolia)


This website doesn’t have to test the pictures. If you register in this website, you can send your pictures to inspector. My first time sent 20 pictures and I pass 16 pictures. I sent my 4 pictures which couldn’t pass in this website to another website. These 4 pictures become the best sell in another website.

My acceptance ratio is 50% which is less than Shutterstock (60% of acceptance ratio). I think that Shutterstock likes my pictures styles more than Fotolia.

The photographers got the money from Fotolia by difference customers’ license types. Some customers want to buy small pictures. Some customers want to buy large pictures. So, the picture price depends on pictures size and customers’ objectives. I explain the details below:

License Types                         Earnings (USD)

 - Subscription L                           0.23-0.30$
 - Subscription XL                        0.27-0.35$
 - Standard XS (1 credits)             0.21-0.25$
 - Standard S (3 credits)                0.59-0.75$
 - Standard M (5 credits)               0.98-1.25$
 - Standard L (7 credits)                1.61-1.75$
 - Standard XL (8 credits)             1.84$
 - Extended X (20 credits)            4.25-5.00$
 - Extended X (50 credits)            11.50$

Note: The details above that I explain to you. I got these details from my experience. May be there are many license types more than I gave it to you. And another thing is that if you get the same license, you will get the difference income. This is because some countries have to pay tax.

If your accumulate sales is 50$, you can withdraw money. Most photographers like to withdraw money from Fotolia to PayPal. This way is very convenience because it use only 4-5 days. Then PayPal will transfer your money to Bank in Thailand after 5-7 days.

My best sale is Frangipani with sea background pictures at Fotolia.  I am curious that why this pictures is so popular. May be this pictures got higher download so, it will easy to pop up when customers search the pictures.

Plumeria flowers on the beach / 136 downloads

Floating Market in Thailand / 34 downloads

Coffee beans isolated on white / 22 downloads

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