Monday, May 21, 2012

Two years to sell photos online

I don’t update this blog for long time. I think that this job is my hobby (sale picture online). I do it for 2 years so I summarize my job result and share it to other people.

In May 2010, I started read the book about sale picture online from Mr.Sura Nualpradid. And then, I sent my picture to Micro stock photography at Shutterstock to check my picture. This is the first website that my pictures pass. In the mid of May 2010, I started to sent my picture to another Micro stock photography (the total of Micro stock photography are 14) as given below:

  1.  (1,882 online photos and 17 online footage)
  2.  (1,499 online photos)
  3.  (1,171 online photos)
  4.  (2,031 online photos / 7 online footage)
  5.  (108 online photos)
  6.  (748 online photos)
  7.  (1,826 online photos)
  8.  (557 online photos)
  9.  (673 online photos)
  10.  (1,379 online photos)
  11.  (222 online photos)
  12.  (42 online photos)
  13.  (107 online photos)
  14.  (23 online footage)

Since I sale the picture online, I have 9,600 download from 14 websites. My income is around 4,000 USD. 90% of my income from Shutterstock, Fotolia, Dreamstime and 123rf which I follow it from Mr.Sura’s suggest in the book.

I got 60% of the average acceptance ratio from every website. This is because many rejected. I think most of my picture is nature which cannot make much money. So, I will improve mine to other pictures (not only nature).

I think that is very difficult to pass the pictures since I test all Micro stock photography. I used to send 7 times but it still could not pass. So, I have to wait to send the picture again in April 2013. However, I sent my picture to footage instead. I sent 2 times but the second times I pass it in March 2012. Now I also have 23 clips in footage. Even though no one buy it, I still proud that my pictures pass it.

I am very surprise that is very difficult to pass the pictures. Because this website looks very simple and normal design so, it should be easy to pass. But I got only 35% of acceptance ratio that why I have only 108 pictures in this website. However, my fifth income comes from this website because my pictures have appropriately price.

All in all, I will deeply study each Micro stock photography for next blog.

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